Infruition Detox Water Bottle 700 ml

Infruition Detox Water Bottle 700 ml

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STAY HYDRATED - Replenish LOST Electrolytes Naturally, Flush away Toxins and Hydrate your Skin. LEAK PROOF LID - Our Bottles are made from the Highest Quality, SHATTER PROOF TRITAN PLASTIC makes it super durable and rugged. UNLIMITED FRUIT FLAVOURS AND OPTIONS - Slice up your Favourite fruit and Load them into the Chamber.
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BENEFITS AND FEATURES Leak-Proof Your body stays hydrated. Our spill-proof design simply works. Daily Doze Refill once and you’ve easily consumed nearly 1.5l of fresh, naturally-flavoured water. Youthful Skin Water is vital for great health; it keeps your skin firm, fresh and youthful. It’s as simple as watering a plant. Zero Toxins Break your addiction to sugary drinks and the associated harmful caustic acids, teeth staining and dizzying headaches. Burn Calories ​Easily replace those high-calorie sodas and coffees you sneak in through the day with awesome-tasting, fruit-infused water. You could easily save up to 400 calories per day!

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