Make It Real Glitter Dream Nail Spa

Make It Real Glitter Dream Nail Spa

Make It Real
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Dimension 40 x 27 x 8 cm.
Weight 0.6 Kg.
Recommended Age 7+.


Transform your natural nails into a glittery dream—from the inside out. Available in three shades: Pearl Pink, Coral Blue, and Lavender Purple Bling! Bling! Glitter Dream Nail Spa transforms natural fingernails with 3 bold color choices for a sweet night-out look or soft Friday afternoon style. The three polish colors are pearl pink, lavender purple and coral blue which can be worn alone to create fun patterns on the nail bed before being covered by topcoat polish if desired, or together to create one seamless finish from top to toe. The shiny sparkles of each shade glide over hands without any gritty particles that could get stuck under finger nails during manicures .

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